Warner Pacific University Vehicle Regulations

Vehicle Registration

All vehicles parked on campus by students or employees must be registered with the Campus Safety department and display a valid permit. Vehicles that are unregistered or do not display a permit are not permitted to park on campus. Visitors may obtain a permit free of charge from the Campus Safety office.

Parking permits are not transferable and may be used only by the driver and the vehicle they were issued to. The forging, fabricating or altering of a parking permit is prohibited.


Student Permits

Student parking permits are required for all students who park on Warner Pacific’s Mt. Tabor campus. Permits must be displayed on the outside of the rear part of window. Permits must be removed from their backing and adhered directly to the window; they may not be taped or affixed by any other methods. Permits may not be transferred to another vehicle.


Student Parking Permit Fees

Traditional undergraduate students on the Mt. Tabor campus may purchase parking permit through Campus Safety for $65 per semester. When purchased for the Fall semester, student account will be automatically charged for the spring semester.


Employee Permits

Only regular employees and faculty may obtain and use an employee permit. Student employees may not use an employee permit to park on campus. Permits must be displayed on rearview mirror. Permits may not be transferred to another vehicle.


Visitor Permits

Permits are required for visitors. Permits are to be placed on the driver side dashboard. Department guests, vendors and other special groups may obtain a visitor permit from the department they are visiting.

Visitor permits may be obtained from the Campus Safety office.

Visitor permits allow parking in spaces marked “Visitor”, any student space, and employee space after 5 p.m.

Departments may order permits to email to their guests by emailing [email protected]. Visitor permits must be ordered at minimum of seven (7) business days in advance.

Current students, alumni and staff members do not qualify for visitor permits and may not park in visitor parking areas. Only visitors to the university displaying a visitor permit may park in visitor parking area.


Lost Parking Permits

If a parking permit is lost or stolen, a lost/stolen permit report must be completed before a replacement will be issued. A $65 replacement fee will be assessed for all lost permits. Filing a false report will result in disciplinary action and a fine. Recovered permits must be returned to the Campus Safety office.


Unregistered Vehicles

An unregistered vehicle may be subject to a check with the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles or towing from campus. If university students, employees, or anyone else have unregistered vehicles on campus, they will be responsible for all costs involved in towing charges, permit and citation charges, and the cost of verification of ownership. Any previously unbilled citations may be billed to the student’s account. Faculty and staff members may also be held responsible for any previously unbilled citations.


Reserved Parking

Reserved spaces are designated by a parking sign indicating who may use that space. These signs may be permanent or temporary.


Lot Designations & Restrictions

The following is a listing of parking lots and available parking. Unless otherwise listed below, restricted spaces are enforced at all times.

     - A.F. Gray Lot -- Employee Parking (enforced 8am to 5pm)

     - Egtvedt Lot -- Open Parking

     - C.C. Perry Lot -- Open Parking

     - Gotham Hall Lot -- Open Parking, Employee Parking (enforced 8am to 5pm)

     - Otto F. Linn Library Lot -- Open Parking


Apartment Residents

Parking at Warner Pacific-owned apartments is by permit only. Apartment permits are required for all vehicles parked in apartment parking areas. Because parking at the apartments is limited, apartment permits also allow residents to park in Open Parking Lot’s to avoid having to park on the street for safety reasons and on street-sweeping days. Residents may call Campus Safety at (503) 250-1730 for a safety escort at any time to-and-from their apartment and their vehicle.

To park elsewhere on campus, students living in the apartments must purchase a student parking permit.


Vehicle Storage on Campus

Vehicles may not be stored on campus property without prior written approval from Campus Safety. Vehicles stored on campus without written approval are subject to citations and removal from campus at the owner’s expense. A vehicle is considered stored on campus when:

It is in-operable. In-operable vehicles are not permitted to remain on campus. If your vehicle becomes in-operable, contact Campus Safety to obtain temporary authorization and discuss plans for its repair or removal. Authorization determinations will be made on a case-by-case basis, but will generally be limited to no more than one week.

The owner is away from campus for more than one week (with the exception of winter break).

The vehicle is not in use. Visible signs that the vehicle is not in use will result in Campus Safety contacting the owner.

The owner is away from campus and it is parked overnight without a valid employee or student permit. Alumni and visitors are not permitted to leave vehicles on campus overnight when they are not present on campus.

Students must remove their vehicles from Warner Pacific’s campus if they are no longer enrolled in the current school semester. Employees must return their parking permit to Human Resources and remove their vehicle from campus when they end their employment with the university.



Citations may be appealed by filling out our online form. Contact Campus Safety at (503) 250-1730 with any questions.

Appeals must be submitted within two weeks (14 days) of the date the citation was issued. Any citations submitted after the two weeks deadline will be denied.


Vehicle FAQs

  • Do I need a parking permit to park on campus?

Parking permits are required at all times for every vehicle parked on Warner Pacific property. This includes all students, staff/faculty and visitors even if the vehicle is only being driven temporarily. Parking privileges may be revoked at any time at the discretion of the University.

  • Can I park in a Red Zone if I am loading/unloading my vehicle?

No, Red Zones are for emergency vehicles only. Parking regulations are strictly enforced on campus property.

  • Do I need a parking permit for my motorcycle?

All motorcycles must display a valid permit while on campus. Motorcycles may park in designated stalls, or any available vehicle stall. Motorcycles may not park at bike racks, on curbs, in designated cart spaces, sidewalks or any other non-parking areas.

  • What should I do if I receive a citation?
    • Students  all fines will be billed to the student’s account. If you believe the citation to be in error, you may appeal the citation. Instructions for appeal are on the back of the citation.
    • Staff/Faculty  all citations must be paid within 14 business days or they will be billed to your department.
    • Visitors  if you are a visitor, please come to the Campus Safety Office for further information. If you believe the citation to be in error, you may appeal the citation. Instructions for appeal are on the back of the citation.


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I have read, understand and agree to abide by the listed Warner Pacific University Vehicle Regulations (see above). I understand that under Oregon State Law, I must be properly licensed and insured. By signing this form I am stating that I am insured and licensed to drive in the state of Oregon. I will not hold Warner Pacific University responsible for any damage to my vehicle while it is parked on the property of the institution.

By typing my name into this field, I hereby sign and acknowledge the request outlined above.


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